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Ways to be the best volunteer 11 Ways to be the Best Volunteer

Volunteering for the first time at a new place or the first time ever can bring out the nerves in most people! But at The
City Mission, we want you to feel comfortable and ready to go right away. Here are 11 ways to help you prepare, avoid burnout, and maintain excitement while serving with us in any volunteer opportunity:

Jaime’s List

  1. Start! Attend one of our monthly Prospective Volunteer Introduction meetings. to find out about volunteer opportunities at The City Mission, begin the application process, and get established in your role as a volunteer.
  2. Commit. Serve at your scheduled times, and give advance notice if you have to miss a day
  3. Accept the day-to-day tasks and be willing to assist in unexpected roles if needed. Flexibility is much appreciated!
  4. Enjoy yourself. Have fun with the service opportunity you select, get excited to make a difference, and make new friends along the way.
  5. Be proactive. One volunteer amazes me every week – whether we’re low on snacks or having difficulties keeping the toddlers out of the cabinets, she notices the problem and brings along her own solution.
  6. Volunteer your ideas. If we could be doing something more efficiently, show us how!
  7. Remember who you are serving. The City Mission serves as a home to more than 200 people between the two facilities, and they don’t get to leave when the day is through. Whatever you like to do at home is what they do here, so you might have to rethink your expectations every so often.
  8. Learn something new. We appreciate that you are giving us your time, so make sure that you gain something from the experience as well.
  9. Don’t overcommit. As eager as you are to make a difference, you don’t want service projects to rule your schedule. Make sure you balance your time carefully so that your professional life or family time doesn’t take a critical hit.
  10. Be you. Use your unique talents, skills, and personality – whether by teaching sign language, utilizing computer shortcuts, baking cookies, or playing football, your strengths can make The City Mission better for everyone.
  11. After all, God loves a cheerful giver!

That’s it!

I pray this list is helpful to new and old volunteers at The City Mission! The impact you have on our staff and clients is truly invaluable. Please feel free to check out our Volunteer page or email me at JBuxton@thecitymission.org any time you have questions about our volunteer program. I hope to see you around the Mission soon!

Jaime Buxton, Volunteer & Internship Services Supervisor
cleveland volunteer supervisor

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