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Do you have passion and enthusiasm for serving those in need? If so, we have big plans for you! Become an intern at The City Mission and learn how to serve and minister to men, women, and children in crisis.

Many of our interns have helped out at Laura’s Home, a crisis center for women and children. The kids, especially, at The City Mission need encouragement to understand their value. Your positive influence will help motivate them to reach their full potential.

What do interns do?

As an intern, you’ll be asked to help out wherever there is need. We want you to get your hands dirty! Your work at Laura’s Home could include teaching Bible lessons, conducting field trips, or helping coach a sport. You may also find yourself helping out in administration, in the library, the kitchen, or sitting in on client meetings with caseworkers. You’ll get a chance to do many things to determine just where your passion lies and where you fit best.

Stories from our interns:

What’s it like to work with the kids over at Laura’s Home? Here are a couple experiences from past interns:

One of our male interns began working with a young boy lacking respect and consideration for others. Listening and following directions were daily trials. However, with patience and encouragement, the boy’s behavior drastically improved over time. His aggression towards others diminished, and he even became a willing helper to other staff members. The intern could see the impact his dedication had and knew this positive change would have a long-lasting affect on the boy’s life.

Likewise, one of our female interns was almost surprised to learn that she had made a connection with one of our clients by simply being open to conversation. Each time the intern would ride along to her Pathways after school group, the girl and her twin sister would ask questions about Jesus and the Bible. Our intern would answer as best she could, and that would typically be the end of it. A few questions, a few answers. However, upon the girl’s exit from the program, a revelation was made.

The last day I ever saw them … the one girl said, ‘I’ll think about what you said.

At that moment, our intern realized that the girl had listened to each word she had spoken, and her words were now seeds that would continue to grow long after their interactions.

What will you gain from the program?

Although thorough training will be provided before you dig in, much of what you will gain will be real-life lessons that stem from hands-on experiences. Just as you’ll be teaching and helping others to grow, you will, in turn, find yourself learning and growing from those around you.

The best thing I learned is patience and to keep working hard and never stop, even when I don’t get the results I want. With the kids, you have to learn patience because there are so many, and some of their behavior levels are different. Some listen, some don’t. You have to be patient and realize that those kids can turn their behavior around if you teach them and show them the behavior you expect from them by treating them in a positive way.

Find out more about the ways you can get involved and become an intern.  You can help to reach hearts and change lives.

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