Faith in Crisis: The Church's Role in Reentry, with Inmate Outreach Services', Brent Richards - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Faith in Crisis: Serving Your Neighbors in Need

An interview with The City Mission’s Inmate Outreach Services Program Manager, Brent Richards, on the Church’s responsibility to those currently incarcerated or in reentry, adjusting to life after prison.

This episode originally aired on October 12th, 2017 on 1220 AM the word.

The City Mission produced a series of half hour once a week programs in the last quarter of 2017, in order to share about several urgent issues and opportunities the Church has to engage their neighbors in need around the Greater Cleveland area. In this episode, Brent discusses why the Body of Christ should care for the incarcerated and those in a reentry phase. We talk through the practical implications for helping or not helping, and immediate ways to get involved.

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