A Donation to Celebrate - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

For many people, birthdays are a special occasion. They are a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends. For the women at Laura’s Home, though, it can sometimes be difficult to provide everything needed for a birthday party for their children. To help with this problem Andrew Kost, a local high school student, decided to collect supplies for Laura’s Home. With his project he was able to collect a large number of cake and party supplies for the children.

Andrew decided to collect party supplies for Laura’s Home as an Eagle Scout Project. Since Andrew’s mother works at Laura’s Home, he is familiar with what Laura’s Home is all about and what is done to help women and children there. To get the supplies, Andrew and members of the boy scouts handed out flyers to people telling them what they were collecting. When someone had something to donate they would leave the items in a plastic bag on the porch and Andrew would pick them up.

Overall, Andrew collected 96 cake mix boxes, 81 containers of frosting, and a large amount of plates, napkins, cups, and steamers. Everything collected helps make the birthday of every child at Laura’s Home special. In fact, a lot of what Andrew collected is still being used for the children of Laura’s Home today. Collecting all of the cake and party supplies made Andrew realize how grateful people can be of even the smallest things in life. He said that he was surprised of how grateful everyone was to receive the donation, since to most people cake and party supplies are simple items that can be bought when they are needed.

If you would like to help make the birthday of a child at Laura’s Home special, then you can donate things like cake and party supplies just like Andrew, or you can give new or gently used toys to be given to the children on their birthday.

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