New Programs Rolled Out at Crossroad's Men's Crisis Center - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

We started implementing some new and exciting things here at the Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center at The City Mission that we’d love to share with you! We have been rolling out some new program upgrades as part of our short- and long-term programs.

Men will be able to choose from our services at a much earlier stage in their stay with us. We’re eager to be able to start the stabilization process sooner by arranging for our mental health professional and our intake specialist to work with the men more frequently than before.

We also started offering two extended programs on top of our Living Free program: a culinary arts training program and a janitorial arts training program. We have highly skilled staff on-site ready to train the men interested in these programs. Also, as part of the janitorial arts training program, we’ve partnered with local agencies that will offer an online training course. Both of these programs will give the participating men hands-on, class, and online training. Participants will be awarded certificates as each phase is completed. Opportunities for 1-2 month long internships with local organizations, such as offices, hotels, and restaurants, will be available through our extended programs with the hope of giving our clients a chance at success and employment after the program has ended.

It means so much to us to see our clients thrive after they’ve gone through one of our programs. Recently, our youngest client, who had been in our Crossroads program a couple years ago, had come by to say “hi”. He walked through our doors when he was 18. He’s 20 years old now and living on his own and managing a popular local restaurant. We were so excited to see him and are so proud of his turnaround! He’s staying on task, utilizing the tools we had given him, and trying his best to do the right things for his life. We loved seeing a smile on his face and having the chance to catch up with him.

For us, it’s about the client. They come to us looking for help, and we want to provide them with the tools they in every way that we can.

We’re incredibly excited and enthusiastic about these new programs we are rolling out. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Facebookand check back with us periodically as we begin to move forward. Within the next year, you’ll be able to witness the new opportunities we will be offering to our clients here at Crossroads!

You can always check out our website at or just stop in and visit and say hi. We’d love to give you a tour!

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