The Point - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

John the Baptist was noted by Jesus as the greatest of prophets (Luke 7:28). And what was John’s ministry?  Just to point to the Savior, to the Lamb of God who takes away sin so men and women can walk with a clean conscience before and with Him. John pointed to Jesus who said that even the least in the Kingdom could do greater than John continuing to point to the Savior as John pointed. And so Inmate Outreach Services points.

Inmate Outreach Services provides wonderful reentry opportunities through Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center and our Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center. With the many needs and struggles that those released from jail or prison encounter, having a safe, stable and helpful living environment is of utmost importance. Even greater than immediate employment because if your living arrangements are not secure, than neither are you. But we go far beyond that, providing Christ-centered mental health support, continuing education and employment readiness classes, case management and vocational training opportunities, all undergirded with Bible-based instruction and connection to the local church community and available community resources.

That is what the City Mission’s Inmate Outreach Services offers to the incarcerated population we serve, a real opportunity for men and women to begin to build better lives for themselves.  It begins even while incarcerated through uplifting monthly mailings and correspondence, our regular group meetings, “Reentry Day” participation and our encouraging chapels. Upon release we offer to help them continue to build better lives for themselves and their families.  Despite circumstances or wrong choices, no one is destined to a crime-centered life, without hope.  Hope and help is what we offer.
Underneath all we do, we point to Jesus. By his grace we say, “Need a hand? C’mon to the City Mission in Cleveland. We care about you and we can help”.  God has entrusted such help and hope to the City Mission and our many partners. What a privilege it is for Inmate Outreach Services to go to Ohio’s correctional facilities and, like John, point others to Christ and the help and hope he has provided.
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