Being Safe - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

As Christmas day approaches, talk often turns to gratitude and the things in our lives for which we are thankful. Typically, the responses center around being grateful for family, health, jobs but how many of us are thankful for something like safety?

For most people, being physically safe is taken for granted, something we never even consider, almost like a fundamental right in our modern society. However, for one of my friends on The City Mission’s “pre-dawn work crew” safety is what he currently values most. As I sat in my office recently, long before the sun came up, the various men on our morning cleaning crew filtered in and I asked one of them what they liked best about being at The City Mission. My friend went quiet for a long time, obviously thinking deeply about his response. I was surprised, even taken aback somewhat, when he said, “Being safe”.

At some point he was not physically or emotionally safe and lived in fear. Praise God that many faithful people enable The City Mission to provide a safe, secure, peaceful environment for my friends. Inside these comforting buildings, men, women and children can enjoy a safe haven as they re-build their lives. Paul promised “peace that passes all understanding” for those in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The first step in that process is resting in the safe, loving arms of our risen Savior, knowing that He never will leave us or forsake us. I encourage everyone to be grateful for the eternal security we have in Jesus Christ.

By Mark Charvat, CFO


P.S.  Hear Norine, a client at Laura’s Home share how important it is for her and her family to be safe this Christmas. 

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