Bennie’s Comeback Story - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Bennie’s Comeback Story

Born into abuse and neglect, Bennie spent his entire life protecting what was his

A farm boy from West Virginia, Bennie only had a sixth grade education, but he knew the value of a hard day’s work. Even during his roughest years, struggling against drug addiction, Bennie provided for his family. However, when his wife passed away, his daughters cut all ties with him. He ended up in prison, and when he got out, no one was there for him. He decided The City Mission was his only option, but his first stay didn’t last long.

The emotional intensity of the classes at The City Mission scared him, and he wanted to be independent. Bennie bought a van and left the Mission to for a job as a handyman and carpenter. Then an injury took his livelihood away. Unable to work, Bennie couldn’t make ends meet on his small, fixed income. This time, he decided to give the program at Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center a real chance.

Hear Bennie share how his story is not ending, but just beginning.

Bennie shares, “Without your support, The City Mission can’t do it. And there’s a lot of hungry people out there.” Will you make transformation – even after decades of hard living – possible for more people like Bennie by making a gift?

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Bennie with the podium he helped
restore at Crossroads
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