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Chanelle’s Comeback Story

Chanelle’s Comeback Story is close to home

“Before I came to Laura’s Home, I didn’t know who I was,” Chanelle begins. “Now I have restoration, reconciliation and purpose, and it’s because of Jesus and The City Mission.”

Not long ago, Chanelle had none of the confidence that she displays now. She was trying to escape an abusive marriage, but like many domestic violence victims, she was afraid to take the next step.

When Laura’s Home called to offer her a spot, she decided to take a chance for herself and her children.

“They called me, and I got everything ready so my husband wouldn’t notice I was up to some- thing. I stood there crying because I knew there was no turning back. My flesh wanted to stay, but I said, ‘No, I’m going to trust this and walk through these doors.’

Walking into new beginnings

“I was in crisis. In my marriage, in my finances, in myself… I was scared, but as soon as I walked in, they welcomed me, and I knew it was God who sent me to Laura’s Home.”

Chanelle went through the long- term program, and the classes she took helped her find her worth in God’s eyes and learn how to care for her family on her own. Today, she’s rejoicing in the hope she has for the future.

“The Bible says your latter days will be greater than your former ones,” she says confidently. “I’m walking in new beginnings daily, and I feel the imprint of the Father’s voice in my life.”

Walking home

Soon, Chanelle will be walking into her greatest new beginning yet – owning her own home through the empowerment of the New Horizons program!

In early 2018 we shared the big news that our local AXA Ohio office would sponsor a New Horizons home for a deserving Laura’s Home graduate – and that graduate turned out to be Chanelle!

AXA and Chanelle worked side-by-side to complete the renovation of the home. Now moved in, Chanelle continues to be supported with unique casework that will prepare her for homeownership. Eventually, the Mission will transfer the deed to Chanelle’s name.

The cycle of poverty is broken for Chanelle and her children. A woman who was once homeless is now a homeowner.

The long-term program at Laura’s Home is designed to help women find hope and healing in the midst of crisis, and New Horizons brings that journey home. Your support helps families like Chanelle and her children escape destructive relationships and build a self-sufficient future. We truly believe that with God’s help, their latter days can be better than their former ones!

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