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Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn's Story

Changing lives begins with meeting basic needs

“I’ve lived the majority of my life incarcerated,” Evelyn says, “and that’s not the way I want to do it anymore. I am better than this. I want better things than this.”

Evelyn has spent more than two decades in prison because of drug abuse. With no real work experience and no good idea of how to live in the real world, she knew she needed a plan for life after her release. She wrote to Brent Richards, the Chaplain of Inmate Outreach Services, and asked if Laura’s Home had space for her. “I said, ‘I want it, I want it, I want it.’ It’s a faith based program that can help me fit back into society but still give me structure and routine.” Evelyn moved into Laura’s Home just a day after her release, and for her, it’s been a place of peace, refuge and healing. “Today I am much stronger and much more confident,” she smiles. “The environment at Laura’s Home has made me feel that way.

From empty hands to a full heart

“I came in here with nothing. They gave me clothes, they gave me everything because I have no income. That’s why every time they ask for a volunteer, I’m the first one there. “I used to say, ‘God’s not going to love me. Why would He want someone who’s stealing, drinking, hurting other people just to get high?’ But now I know. That’s who Jesus hung out with. It was people like me.”

We Believe Hope Starts with a Meal

When someone comes to The City Mission for help, we meet their immediate needs. Your gifts provide food, clothing and safe shelter for those in crisis, and that’s just the beginning.

Whether our guests are with us for a few nights or many months, we make sure they understand that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives. It’s a key step on their journey to recovery, and for many guests, it’s the start of something beautiful. Will you consider helping someone know they are safe, loved, and cared for by making a gift today?

Hear Directly from Evelyn

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