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Jackie’s Story

Jackie's Story

After a fire destroyed Jackie's house, Laura's Home helped her get back on her feet

Jackie’s tenacity is inspiring. After a fire destroyed her home, she was determined to find a Christian place that could help her get back on her feet. When she heard about Laura’s Home, she set her alarm for 6:55 every morning so she’d be ready to call in right at 7 AM to see if a bed was available.

Once she found a room, Jackie began working her way through the classes here. She was just a few days away from graduating when a foot injury sent her to the hospital. Jackie spent the next 7 weeks in a rehab center, and while she was away from Laura’s Home, her determination began to waver.

“I had all these doubts in my mind,” she shares. “I thought I was done; I couldn’t come back to Laura’s Home. But then I said, ‘No! God started a work in me, and I’ve got to finish.’ So I did! I was delayed but not denied.”

Beginning Again

Jackie did indeed finish the program, and today she has a job and a home of her own. She’s grateful to Laura’s Home for the care they provided, and she has a decidedly sunny outlook on the future. “As soon as I walked in I felt nothing but God’s presence,” she smiles. “My future is so bright, I need sunglasses! This place is truly a blessing.”

We expect to serve 400 men and women like Jackie at The City Mission this Easter. They’ll come in search of a hot meal or a safe place to sleep, and with your help, we’ll offer that and more: we’ll tell them that God loves them and has a plan for their lives, just like He does for Jackie.

It’s not too late to help us share that truth with everyone at the Mission this Easter. Consider giving today, and help hurting people like Jackie finish the work that God is calling them to.

Hear Directly from Jackie

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