Jerome’s Comeback Story - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Jerome’s Comeback Story

Help is where we begin. Whether escaping domestic violence, addictions, or freezing temperatures, every individual in crisis requires food, shelter, and clothing.

Last year, Jerome was incarcerated, addicted to alcohol and cocaine, and willing to maintain bad relationships because they helped fuel his habit. Once he was released, he made up his mind to get his life in order. He needed help.

“I was on my knees, crying out to God to help me. I had nothing left, and He led me here.”

“Here” is Crossroads, our men’s crisis center. Jerome moved in last fall, and today, he’s busy writing his own success story. He’s reconnected with his family, and turned his life over to the One who brings true healing.

“The classes, the staff, everybody is great.” he smiles. “There are success stories in the making here!”

Crossroads’ goal is to provide the classes, counseling and chapel services that men need to move forward with hope. First, though, we must meet their immediate needs. Your gifts help provide the food, shelter and clothing that guests like Jerome depend on while they’re here. Once those needs are met, the journey to a changed life can begin.

Want to provide for basic needs like meals, warm beds, and hot showers for men and women as they recover from crisis?
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