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Joan’s Comeback Story

Joan Didn't Know if She'd Ever Have the Strength to Leave the Abuse in Her Home

They had been married for almost 30 years, and she had suffered mental and emotional abuse during most of them. But when he raised his hand to her, and she hit back, Joan knew it was time to walk away. “God finally gave me the strength to leave,” she says. “Things had to change, or I wasn’t coming back.”

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Doors Wide Open

Facing eviction, Ashley and her children arrived at Laura’s Home in search of safety and shelter. She was surprised to learn about all the services offered, including counseling for herself and her children. She’d finally found the encouragement she’d been missing.

“Laura’s Home gave me the courage to do things I never thought I would be able to do,” Ashley says. “They gave me the confidence to get  my GED!”

Ashley is excited to continue her journey toward restoration. Having just completed the Laura’s Home program, she is excited to get back into nursing, become a Licensed Practical Nurse, and get a house for her family. Most of all, she’s excited to grow her relationship with God. Ashley tells us, “You don’t have peace if you don’t have God in your life.”

Set Free

Joan shares, “I came here really broken and hurt, and God is healing me, delivering me, and setting me free.” Will you create a safe space for more women and children experiencing intimate partner violence by making a gift?

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