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Juan's Story

We believe in our clients - people like Juan.

Juan likes to be alone. In his 42 years of life, he’s experienced enough fighting, hatred and loss to convince him that he’s better off on his own. Rather than risk further hurt, he withdrew, giving in to an alcohol addiction that left him homeless and broken.

Desperate to break free, Juan came to The City Mission very early one morning.

“I went to the office and said, ‘I’m homeless. I would like to find out if you have room for me,’” he shares. “I was hungry and so discouraged, but I sat on a bench with my duffle bags until someone asked me if I wanted breakfast. That same night, I had a bed.”

A few days later, Juan entered the program at Crossroads and has spent the last several months clinging to the Lord.

“I know God led me here so I could get closer to Him,” Juan says. “He is showing me that He is real, and He is going to continue to love me no matter what.

“That’s what the Mission gave me — they believe in me. They not only told me I was going to get better, but they showed me how to get better. They’ve given me love. They’ve given me strength. They’ve given me my Jesus back.”

When people turn to us during the holidays, we want them to know they’re not alone: we are here to help them find strength, healing, and peace.

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Finding True Purpose

Since coming to Laura’s Home, Gissel says, “God has been with me. He’s giving me a chance to get it right. It wasn’t working my way. The programs have helped my relationships with my kids and their father. It’s a blessing to experience that, to work on what was breaking me.”

Gissel says the programs at Laura’s Home have also taught her how to deal with difficult situations and made her a better mother.

“My kids have been strong through it all. They’re doing great in school, and they’ve made tons of new friends,” Gissel tells us. “The staff are incredible with them, very caring. Every little need is met.”

Looking ahead, Gissel says, “I want us to have our own place. I might get back into nursing.” Most of all, she plans to keep God first in her life. “If I do that, everything will follow.”

“This is only the beginning ... of God’s purpose in my life!”

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