July Grads 2020 - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Crossroads Testimonies

The Graduating Class of July 2020

Over the course of several months, each one of these men has worked hard to complete the rigorous Crossroads program. Now they are graduating with a new set of life skills and hope for the future. Because we couldn’t gather in person, we want to give these incredible clients a chance to share their testimonies with you now.

William G., AKA "The Cookie Man"

“For the new guys, I came in here worse off than y’all. If I can do it, I know you can do it.”


“I’m thankful, and I’m glad that I came here. I learned a lot of skills here, especially being patient.”

William R.

“We all think that we might be able to go back to what we’ve done before. I don’t have any time left… I’m just trying to live a peaceable life, do something constructive, and surrender my life to God’s will.”


“I was on drugs for 30 years… I gave everything to God and the results are amazing. I’ve been clean ever since.”


“The City Mission is a great program if you want to learn different aspects of life and how to cope with your problems.”


“This place works. Keep doing what you’re doing, stay sober.”


“This a place you definitely want to stay and do what you gotta do and hear other inspiring stories. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier.”


“I was here before. This is a second chance. I graduated and I’m proud of myself.”


“I came here all broken down and tore up. I thank God for The City Mission and this moment right now. I thank God for this process.”
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