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Latisha’s Story

An Update on Latisha's 2016 Newsletter

In the spring of 2016, we introduced you to Latisha. She came to Laura’s Home in search of a safe place to care for her baby girl and a way to finally let go of the anger that was slowly destroying her life. After several months in the program here, Latisha learned to lay down her anger and turn to God for the help she needs.

Since then, Latisha has made remarkable strides in her journey. She is working at a nursing home as a STNA and is preparing to get her own car. Her children are doing well in school, and she’s paying off her debts and saving money for the future.

But perhaps the most exciting part of her journey is right now. Today, she’s in a home of her own thanks to the New Horizons Program. Through this innovative program, local churches, individuals, businesses, or community organizations renovate and restore neglected homes in the Cleveland area.

The Laura’s Home guests who are selected for the program receive intense training to teach them to manage their money and care for a house. Once they’re ready, they have the chance to put it into practice: they get to bring their families to a home of their own – a home will eventually be owned outright by Latisha – offering stability and a second chance.

Latisha's Journey In Her Own Words

New Life On the Horizon

We are thrilled that Latisha is a part of this program. We’re glad that her children will have the opportunity to grow up in a loving home, and we’re happy to support her as her family begins a new chapter in their story.

But most importantly, we’re glad that Latisha has found a way to let go of the anger and despair that threatened to control her. Through her faith in our great God, a new life is truly on the horizon.

Thank you for supporting Latisha and the many others who are here at The City Mission in search of a second chance. If you or your group is interested in learning more about the New Horizons Housing Program, please contact us here.


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