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Menashe’s Comeback Story

Menashe was Broken

Living in a small town in Connecticut, Menashe felt trapped. “I wanted to get away because there wasn’t any work there and my life was not improving.” Ten years ago, she grabbed her backpack, jumped on a Greyhound bus, and came to Cleveland with hopes for “bigger things” in life.

Menashe thought she was on the right track when she found a man to take care of her. “We had everything we wanted,” she remembers. “It looked nice on the outside, but it wasn’t good. My kids’ father had a really bad problem with alcohol and drugs. It got really violent.”


Looking for a safe place to bring her three young children, Menashe remembered hearing about Laura’s Home. “I called every day. I felt empowered every time. I thought, ‘This could be the day that I get out of here.’”

Dancing Her Way to Laura's Home

Menashe says that when she learned Laura’s Home had a room for her, “I did a dance! I did a jig all the way down the stairs. I was out of there. I didn’t even pack.”

As Menashe and her children settled in at Laura’s Home, she recalls, “It was so pleasant. Everyone was so helpful. What I learned in class was so on point to what I needed.”

What Menashe needed was to reclaim her self-confidence, discover her talents, and lay a solid foundation that she and her children could build their independent new life on. The program made a profound impact on Menashe. “I had a lot of issues with my self-esteem,” she says. “But now I feel like I don’t have to get permission from somebody to make a decision about myself or my children. You get a lot of empowerment.”

Menashe also says that being at Laura’s Home has strengthened her relationship with God and brought her peace. “It’s nice to know when I’m laying down at night that I’m saved and that my kids and I are protected by God.”

Growing Toward a Whole Future

More than anything, Menashe says, “I want to provide stability for my kids when we leave here.” She’s already on her way, having discovered a knack for mechanics. “I love working with the maintenance team. I’m a very hands-on person. Maybe I’ll get a job doing maintenance, hop around and fix everything. Maybe I could help rebuild houses.”

Looking ahead, Menashe tells us, “Five years down the road, my kids are all going to be in school, and I’ll be working or running my small business. We’ll have our own place and just be happy.”

Thanks to you, Menashe’s children have an excellent chance of escaping the cycle of abuse that trapped their mother. “Before the City Mission, I was broken,” Menashe says. “Because of the City Mission, I am growing.”

Join Us to Stand for More Families Like Menashe's

You’re invited to STAND INwith your community in Public Square on Saturday June 29th  to represent each one of the nearly 3,000 homeless student in our city. We won’t simply be raising awareness – we’ll be transforming awareness into action. From 4-7pm we’ll have live worship, prayer, food trucks, words from city and church leaders, activities for all ages, and more. There’s no cost to attend, so gather your crew and register today!

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