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Michael’s Comeback Story

“Right here, that’s where life began for me.” -Michael

Not long ago, Michael was homeless and addicted to cocaine. On a cold December morning, he started walking, planning to look for a bed in a local shelter. He walked for nearly four hours before stopping to take a break.

“I looked around to see if I recognized anything,” Michael says, “and all of a sudden, a strong wind came out of nowhere. The wind blew me south, and there I was, facing The City Mission. I said, ‘Well, I’m already here. I’ll go check it out.’ And right here, that’s where life began for me.”

Michael expected to find food and shelter here, and he did. What he didn’t expect was the new life he found in Christ.

“I had heard about Jesus, but I didn’t know anything about Him. They started talking about being saved, and I thought there had to be some lightning and brimstone in order for a person like me to be saved! But it was such a simple gesture. I accepted Him, and everything started falling into place.”

Today, Michael is doing well. He’s living on his own, and his life is defined by his faith rather than his addiction. He says that the Mission is the place he needed to be, not because of the meals and the bed, but because of the spiritual food he received.

“[The Mission] gave me everything I needed,” he says. “Housing, health care, furniture, a driver’s license… all of it. But the number one thing they brought to my life was Jesus Christ.”

We depend on faithful partners like you to help us care for the hurting in Cleveland. During these cold winter months, your support provides safe shelter – and new life – for men, women, and children who desperately need a fresh start. Please give today and help us care for those in need. Your support will make a world of difference this month!


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