Michael's Comeback Story - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Michael’s Comeback Story

Before The City Mission, Michael Was a Lost Soul

Michael’s life went off the rails after the death of his sister. Though he’d struggled with addiction for many years, his grief left him broken.

“I was a lost soul,” Michael says. “I was going crazy, drinking and partying… at this point, control was gone.”

Michael quickly lost his car and his job, and when his landlord kicked him out, he left his house and started walking.

“I left everything behind,” he shares. “I started walking, and I walked for a whole day. That night, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to be homeless.

I stood under a bridge. I was tired and hungry, my feet were blistered, and I didn’t know where to sleep, what to eat. When the sun came up, I had to humble myself and ask someone where to get food.”

Michael made his way to the Mission, and as he walked into the dining hall with the other guests, he knew he had found a safe place.

“When I came in to eat, I realized a lot of these guys were just as broken as I was. And here were these people, these men and women, ready to feed us. They said, ‘sit down,’ and the next thing I know, I had a plate of food in front of me. It was just overwhelming.”

Because of The City Mission, His Future is Bright

Today, Michael has a job and a solid support system. He’s also giving back by helping out with the maintenance crew at the Mission while he lives in our onsite transitional housing apartments for men.

Michael’s journey will be a testimony to many more men who come through our doors over the holiday season. And we’ll share the same hope and compassionate care to each one of them, as we did with Michael.

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