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Rhonda: Here I Stand

Standing in Trust: Home

Falling Behind

For most of her adult life, Rhonda depended on drugs and alcohol to get her through each day. She had been in and out of drug treatment programs, always relapsing, and falling further behind each time. At her lowest point, she slept in a tent by the Cuyahoga River. Rhonda knew it was time to get her life back.

Being Lifted Up

When Rhonda came to Laura’s Home, she was lifted up by case workers and fellow clients who helped her grow in her relationship with Christ. “Now I have somebody who walks with me every day, who I can rely on. I know I can trust Him.”

As Rhonda progressed through the program, she became an informal mentor to the other women, who saw her as uplifting and compassionate. “The purpose of following Christ is to walk in love,” she says.

Hear Directly from Rhonda

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Walking in Love

Rhonda’s case worker asked her to move into and care for a vacant New Horizons home that was waiting for a family. It was a turning point in Rhonda’s journey. “Miss Tammy said they were only considering women who could be trusted to live unchaperoned,” Rhonda recalls. “It really touched me because I didn’t see myself that way.”

Rhonda showed everyone their trust was well placed. Currently working as a server in a restaurant downtown, she is studying to reinstate her registry as an ultrasound technician. She got her driver’s license back and bought a car. But Rhonda gained even more. “I have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Him, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that!”

“This is just the beginning … of my love walk with Christ.”

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