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Sam’s Comeback Story

Life was Good.

Sam grew up in Cleveland in a big, close-knit family. He graduated from college and found a job, and before long, he and his wife had two young children. Life was good… and then it all fell apart.

Sam’s wife left and took their children with her. The child support payments were more than he could handle, and when he unexpectedly lost the job he had held for nearly two decades, Sam was no longer able to afford his car or his house.

“It hurt,” Sam shares. “I’m used to working hard, used to be taking care of my family, and it hurt to be left with nothing.”

Sam reached out to The City Mission, and once he entered the program at Crossroads, he found the tools he needed to start over.

Anywhere the Word is…

“They’ve helped me with food, clothing, and all the basics,” he smiles. “The classes help you spiritually and mentally and teach you how to follow the Word. Anywhere the Word is, I love!”

Today, Sam is learning how to use a computer and preparing for the next chapter of his life. Once he finds his own housing, he’s hopeful that his son will be able to live with him again.

This is a very special place!” Sam says. “God works in mysterious ways, and I just want to say that it’s been a blessing.”

As Sam continues to lean on the Lord for strength, we’ll continue to meet our guests’ basic needs, like food, shelter, clothing, and more. Most importantly though, we’ll continue to point them to the One who truly brings new life.

Will you help us share that new life this spring? We expect to serve nearly 500 people like Sam in the coming months, and your gift can give hurting men, women, and children the support they need to heal from their past and embrace a new future.

Please give now and help them begin again. With your support, this spring can truly be a time of new beginnings!

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