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Our Services

Our Residents are Not Homeless; They're in Crisis

Experiencing homelessness is a much more complex issue than not having a place to call home. While most of us have skills, family, and friends that could help us recover from a devastating trauma, many of our neighbors do not. The majority of individuals and families who come to The City Mission’s doors already lack critical resources, so when disaster strikes or personal choices leave a man or woman to fend for themselves, they have nowhere to turn.

Many of our guests have overextended personal and government support systems, and are bogged down by years of trauma. To someone experiencing homelessness, breaking the cycle of poverty seems like a hopeless endeavor. Our ministries offer broken men, women, and children a chance to begin rebuilding their lives, repairing relationships, and restoring hearts. We invite you to visit the pages below to learn more about how lives are being transformed through our holistic ministries.

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