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New Horizons

Community Involvement. Eternal Impact.

As mothers graduate from Laura’s Home, eager to create a healthy, stable life for their children, they’re often faced with an overwhelming obstacle: affordable housing. Single mothers who have completed the Laura’s Home program have an opportunity to secure affordable housing through a homeownership program. 

Through New Horizons, The City Mission equips single mothers with the necessary skills to seek vocational and educational growth, secure and maintain employment, develop healthy financial practices, and obtain and care for their own homes. Upon program completion, each mother receives the title to her home, free and clear, breaking free from the cycle of generational poverty. 

Since 2014, twelve mothers have received homes, and with your support we hope to provide even more!

The challenges are nearly insurmountable.

For the health of our city and families, we realized that it is imperative that this desperate need be addressed, so we created the New Horizons Program. Through this program, we work with community partners to find housing solutions for the mothers we serve.

How It Works

  1. Laura’s Home mom with children selected to begin path to homeownership

  2. A home is acquired by New Horizons from a community partner

  3. Renovations are provided by working with community partners 

  4. Mother prepares for homeownership with specialized casework and financial planning classes

  5. Family moves into home at completion of renovations and homeownership training

  6. New Horizons transfers home deed to mother after 24 months of proven management of full-time employment and home care

  7. The cycle of poverty is broken; a mother is now a homeowner for her family

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Testimonies from New Horizons Homeowners

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