Jeffrey: Here I Stand - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Jeffrey: Here I Stand

Standing in Service: Volunteering

Serving the Overlooked

Many volunteers at The City Mission spend their time serving the women and families at Laura’s Home. We’re very grateful, as there’s always plenty to do there! However, as Jeffrey George learned when he came to volunteer with his small group from City Church, there are other needs that are sometimes overlooked.

After serving at Laura’s Home, Jeffrey spoke with Jaime Buxton, our Volunteer Services Supervisor. “Jaime told me the men at the Mission don’t get loved on like the women and children do.” That inspired Jeffrey to organize monthly Game Nights for men in the Crossroads program.

“We bring games and gather in the dining hall at Crossroads, and the men come in and sit at different tables,” Jeffrey explains. “We play cards, Scrabble, chess, whatever we have. It’s just a simple night of fun, conversation, and building friendships.”

Hear Directly from Jeffrey

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Bringing Service Full Circle

After a few months, Jeffrey decided to invite the men from Crossroads to his church. “James, one of the men in the program, came with us a couple weeks,” Jeffrey recalls. “But we weren’t the first people from City Church who impacted him. A member of our church had seen him on the street and helped him find his way to The City Mission. It came full circle.”

If you’re thinking of giving some of your time to The City Mission, Jeffrey encourages you to try Crossroads. “We all go through moments of crisis,” he says, “but we’re blessed in those moments to have community to love on us. So many of the men who come through these doors don’t have that. That’s why I wanted to spend more time with them. These are men who are down on their luck. They have a lot of brokenness, and they need community and good friendships.”

If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. — Ecclesiastes 4:10a

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