Crossroads Fun Volunteer - The City Mission of Cleveland, Ohio

Crossroads Fun Volunteer

CROSSROADS FUN VOLUNTEER *Involves Direct Resident Contact

LOCATION: Crossroads- 5310 Carnegie Ave. Building B/C, Cleveland, OH 44103

AVAILABLE TIMES: Flexible scheduling depending on interests/availability – evenings and weekends preferred


  1. Plan and implement fun opportunities for the residents at Crossroads on weekends and weekday late afternoons/evenings (i.e. sports watch parties, game nights, corn hole tournaments, work out sessions, cookouts, etc.)
  2. Share a fun career or hobby with the guys – maybe teach them a trade or skill


  1. Free of an addictive lifestyle
  2. Understanding of the boundaries pertaining to the position
  3. Work respectfully under TCM staff
  4. Abides by the TCM’s Statement of Faith at all times
  5. Have the skills necessary to complete the tasks pertaining to the position
  6. Must be 18 years or older


  1. Attend Volunteering 101 Session
  2. Complete Online Application
  3. Sign Volunteer Waiver
  4. Acknowledge Statement of Faith
  5. Sign Doctrinal Policy (only if there is a spiritual component during event)
  6. On Site Visit with Staff (if necessary)
  7. Background Check
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